OoL digest — March 11 edition

This week we have 17 new papers on the origin of life. Enjoy!


Towards Prebiotic Chemistry on Titan: Impact experiments on organic haze particles
Pearce et al. – preprint

Physical properties of asteroid Dimorphos as derived from the DART impact
Raducan et al. – Nature Astronomy

Nanogap Solid-State Single-Molecule Detection at Mars, Europa, and Microgravity Conditions
Ramírez-Colón et al. – preprint

Oxygen production from dissociation of Europa’s water-ice surface
Szalay et al. – Nature Astronomy

Rotational-state-selected Carbon Astrochemistry
Toscano – CHIMIA

Oriented Bedrock Samples Drilled by the Perseverance Rover on Mars
Weiss et al. – Earth and Space Science

The Process We Call Earth: Relationships Between Dynamic Feedbacks and the Search for Gaiasignatures in a New Paradigm of Earthlikeness
Wong et al. – Perspectives of Earth and Space Scientists


Peptide Self-assembly: From Ordered to Disordered
Chang et al. – Accounts of Chemical Research

Molecular assembly indices of mineral heteropolyanions: some abiotic molecules are as complex as large biomolecules
Hazen et al. – Journal of The Royal Society Interface

Binding of Precursors to Replicator Assemblies Can Improve Replication Fidelity and Mediate Error Correction
Markovitch et al. – Angewandte Chemie International Edition

RNA-catalyzed evolution of catalytic RNA
Papastavrou et al. – Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences


Expanding the Horizon of the Xeno Nucleic Acid Space: Threose Nucleic Acids with Increased Information Storage
Depmeier et al. – Journal of the American Chemical Society

Computational biology

The GARD Prebiotic Reproduction Model Described in Order and Complexity
Mayer et al. – Life


Proteostatic tuning underpins the evolution of novel multicellular traits
Montrose et al. – Science Advances

How habitable are M-dwarf Exoplanets? Modeling surface conditions and exploring the role of melanins in the survival of Aspergillus niger spores under exoplanet-like radiation
Mota et al. – preprint

Identification of structural and regulatory cell-shape determinants in Haloferax volcanii
Schiller et al. – Nature Communications

Nonadaptive onset of complex multicellularity
Szathmáry – Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences