OoL digest — February 12 edition

This week we have 16 new papers on the origin of life. Enjoy!

Artificial Life

Self-Reproduction and Evolution in Cellular Automata: 25 Years after Evoloops
Sayama et al. – preprint


The Astrochemistry Low-energy Electron Cross-Section (ALeCS) database I. Semi-empirical electron-impact ionization cross-section calculations and ionization rates
Gaches et al. – preprint

Eccentricity Distribution Beyond the Snow Line and Implications for Planetary Habitability
Kane et al. – preprint

Interstellar Ices: A Factory of the Origin-of-Life Molecules
Puzzarini et al. – ACS Central Science

Relative Abundances of CO2, CO, and CH4 in Atmospheres of Earth-like Lifeless Planets
Watanabe et al. – The Astrophysical Journal


Accurate phenotypic self-replication as a necessary cause for biological evolution.
Garte – Biosystems

A universal DNA barcode for the Tree of Life
Medeiros et al. – preprint


Combined Network and High Resolution Mass Spectrometry Analysis of the Formose Reaction Reveals Mechanisms for Emergent Behaviors
Cruz-Simbron et al. – preprint

Design and Thermodynamics Principles to Program the Cooperativity of Molecular Assemblies
Lauzon et al. – Angewandte Chemie International Edition


A nonadaptive explanation for macroevolutionary patterns in the evolution of complex multicellularity
Bingham et al. – Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Experimental Snowball Earth Viscosity Drives the Evolution of Motile Multicellularity
Halling et al. – preprint

Survival of Environment-Derived Opportunistic Bacterial Pathogens to Martian Conditions: Is There a Concern for Human Missions to Mars?
Zaccaria et al. – Astrobiology


The Cabrières Biota (France) provides insights into Ordovician polar ecosystems
Saleh et al. – Nature Ecology & Evolution

Planetary Science

Geological evidence of extensive N-fixation by volcanic lightning during very large explosive eruptions
Aroskay et al. – Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Role of Planetary Radius on Atmospheric Escape of Rocky Exoplanets
Chin et al. – preprint

Duration of Sturtian “Snowball Earth” glaciation linked to exceptionally low mid-ocean ridge outgassing
Dutkiewicz et al. – Geology