OoL digest — January 22 edition

This week we have 17 new papers on the origin of life. Enjoy!

Artificial life

Processionary Caterpillars at the Edge of Complexity
Collard – Artificial Life


Large Interferometer For Exoplanets (LIFE): XII. The Detectability of Capstone Biosignatures in the Mid-Infrared – Sniffing Exoplanetary Laughing Gas and Methylated Halogens
Angerhausen et al. – preprint

Studying habitability of the exoplanets Kepler-504 b, Kepler-315 b, and Kepler-315 c
Bhaumik et al. – Journal of Emerging Investigators

Ammonia or methanol would enable subsurface liquid water in the Martian South Pole
Egea-González et al. – preprint

Detection of apatite in ferroan anorthosite indicative of a volatile-rich early lunar crust
Hayden et al. – Nature Astronomy

New maximum constraints on the era of martian valley network formation
Morgan – Earth and Planetary Science Letters

Future of the Search for Life: Workshop Report
Neveu et al. – Astrobiology

Organic hazes as a source of life’s building blocks to warm little ponds on the Hadean Earth
Pearce et al. – preprint

Deciding technosignature search strategies: Multi-criteria fuzzy logic to find extraterrestrial intelligence
Sánchez-Lozano et al. – preprint

Behind the Mask: can HARMONI@ELT detect biosignatures in the reflected light of Proxima b?
Vaughan et al. – preprint

Near-mid infrared spectroscopy of carbonaceous chondrites: Insights into spectral variation due to aqueous alteration and thermal metamorphism in asteroids
Yu et al. – Icarus


Alternative solvents for life: framework for evaluation, current status and future research
Bains et al. – preprint

Cryo-EM structure and functional landscape of an RNA polymerase ribozyme
McRae et al. – Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Generation of long-chain fatty acids by hydrogen-driven bicarbonate reduction in ancient alkaline hydrothermal vents
Purvis et al. – Communications Earth & Environment


Is the Emergence of Life an Expected Phase Transition in the Evolving Universe?
Kauffman et al. – preprint


U–Pb zircon–rutile dating of the Llangynog Inlier, Wales: constraints on an Ediacaran shallow-marine fossil assemblage from East Avalonia
Clarke et al. – Journal of the Geological Society


Hydrogenimonas cancrithermarum sp. nov., a hydrogen- and thiosulfate-oxidizing mesophilic chemolithoautotroph isolated from diffuse-flow fluids on the East Pacific Rise, and an emended description of the genus Hydrogenimonas
Mino et al. – International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology