OoL digest — January 15 edition

This week we have 16 new papers on the origin of life. Enjoy!


Astrobiological Potential of Venus Atmosphere Chemical Anomalies and Other Unexplained Cloud Properties
Petkowski et al. – preprint

Distinguishing oceans of water from magma on mini-Neptune K2-18b
Shorttle et al. – preprint

An information theory approach to identifying signs of life on transiting planets
Vannah et al. – Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society: Letters


A radius valley between migrated steam worlds and evaporated rocky cores
Burn et al. – preprint

Setting the stage for the search for life with the Habitable Worlds Observatory: Properties of 164 promising planet survey targets
Harada et al. – preprint

FlopPITy: Enabling self-consistent exoplanet atmospheric retrievals with machine learning
Martínez et al. – preprint

Weakened Magnetic Braking in the Exoplanet Host Star 51 Peg
Metcalfe et al. – The Astrophysical Journal Letters

Are we visible to advanced alien civilizations?
Osmanov – Acta Astronautica


The geologic history of primary productivity
Crockford et al. – Current Biology


Meteorite Parent Body Aqueous Alteration Simulations of Interstellar Residue Analogs
Qasim et al. – ACS Earth and Space Chemistry


Is it possible to know cosmological fine-tuning?
Díaz-Pachón et al. – preprint


Environment and taxonomy shape the genomic signature of prokaryotic extremophiles
Arias et al. – Scientific Reports

Single-cell analysis in hypersaline brines predicts a water-activity limit of microbial anabolic activity
Paris et al. – Science Advances

Generation of long-chain fatty acids by hydrogen-driven bicarbonate reduction in ancient alkaline hydrothermal vents
Purvis et al. – Communications Earth & Environment

Network studies unveil new groups of highly divergent proteins in families as old as cellular life with important biological functions in the ocean
Sussfeld et al. – preprint

Planetary science

Accretion of the earliest inner Solar System planetesimals beyond the water snowline
Grewal et al. – Nature Astronomy