OoL digest — January 8 edition

This week we have 7 new papers on the origin of life. Enjoy!


The Implications of ’Oumuamua on Panspermia
Cao et al. – preprint

Stability of 20 Biogenic Amino Acids in Concentrated Sulfuric Acid: Implications for the Habitability of Venus’ Clouds
Seager et al. – preprint

The Carbon-Deficient Evolution of TRAPPIST-1c
Teixeira et al. – preprint


Geochemical and Photochemical Constraints on S[IV] Concentrations in Natural Waters on Prebiotic Earth
Ranjan et al. – AGU Advances

Computational biology

Co-evolution of replicators and their parasites
Spirov – preprint

Statistical physics

Molecular Storms: The Physics of Stars, Cells and the Origin of Life
Graham – Book

Homeostasis and information processing: The key frames for the thermodynamics of biological systems
Mizraji – Biosystems