OoL digest — December 25 edition

This week we have 11 new papers on the origin of life. Enjoy!


First exploration of the runaway greenhouse transition with a 3D General Circulation Model
Chaverot et al. – Astronomy & Astrophysics

Information Transmission via Molecular Communication in Astrobiological Environments
Lingam – Astrobiology

Helium Leak Rate Measurements of Flight-like Mars 2020 Sample Tubes
Osterhout et al. – Astrobiology

Characterization of Sulfur-Rich Microbial Organic Matter in Jurassic Carbonates Using Laser-Assisted Mass Spectrometry
Thlaijeh et al. – Astrobiology


Atmospheres as a Window to Rocky Exoplanet Surfaces
Byrne et al. – preprint


Replication elongates short DNA, reduces sequence bias and develops trimer structure
Calaça Serrão et al. – Nucleic Acids Research

Effect of Alkali- and Alkaline-Earth-Metal Promoters on Silica-Supported Co-Fe Alloy for Autocatalytic CO2 Fixation
Song et al. – Angewandte Chemie International Edition

Planetary sciences

Oxidation of iron by giant impact and its implication on the formation of reduced atmosphere in the early Earth
Choi et al. – Science Advances

Statistical physics

AssemblyCA: A Benchmark of Open-Endedness for Discrete Cellular Automata
Patarroyo et al. – preprint

Synthetic life

Establishing chromosomal design-build-test-learn through a synthetic chromosome and its combinatorial reconfiguration
Foo et al. – Cell Genomics

Concepts of a synthetic minimal cell: Information molecules, metabolic pathways, and vesicle reproduction
Kurisu et al. – Biophysics and Physicobiology