OoL digest — November 27 edition

This week we have 7 new papers on the origin of life. Enjoy!

Artificial life

Emergence of autopoietic vesicles able to grow, repair and reproduce in a minimalist particle system
Cabaret – preprint


Constraining Background N2 Inventories on Directly Imaged Terrestrial Exoplanets to Rule Out O2 False Positives
Hall et al. – The Astronomical Journal


The 3 31 Nucleotide Minihelix tRNA Evolution Theorem and the Origin of Life
Lei et al. – Life (Basel, Switzerland)

On the Emergence of Autonomous Chemical Systems through Dissipation Kinetics
Pross et al. – Life (Basel, Switzerland)


Molecular diversity and evolution of far-red light-acclimated photosystem I
Gisriel et al. – Frontiers in Plant Science


Binding of precursors to replicator assemblies can improve replication fidelity and mediate error correction
Markovitch et al. – preprint


ATP synthase evolution on a cross-braced dated tree of life
Mahendrarajah et al. – Nature Communications