OoL digest — November 20 edition

This week we have 23 new papers on the origin of life. Enjoy!

Artificial life

How Turing parasites expand the computational landscape of digital life
LF et al. – Physical Review E


Controls of Atmospheric Methane on Early Earth and Inhabited Earth-like Terrestrial Exoplanets
Akahori et al. – preprint

Can comets deliver prebiotic molecules to rocky exoplanets?
Anslow et al. – Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences

Does Gaia Play Dice? Simple Models of Non-Darwinian Selection
Arthur et al. – Astrobiology

False Positives and the Challenge of Testing the Alien Hypothesis
Foote et al. – Astrobiology

Is There Such a Thing as a Biosignature?
Malaterre et al. – Astrobiology

Searching for Life in Hot Spring Carbonate Systems: Investigating Raman Spectra of Carotenoid-Bearing Organic Carbonaceous Inclusions from Travertines of Italy
O’Donnell et al. – Astrobiology

Mercury’s Hidden Past: Revealing a Volatile-dominated Layer through Glacier-like Features and Chaotic Terrains
Rodriguez et al. – The Planetary Science Journal

Infrared Spectral Signatures of Nucleobases in Interstellar Ices I: Purines
Rosa et al. – Life

Inferring Chemical Disequilibrium Biosignatures for Proterozoic Earth-Like Exoplanets
Young et al. – preprint


Retrievals Applied To A Decision Tree Framework Can Characterize Earth-like Exoplanet Analogs
Young et al. – preprint


A cell-based model for size control in the multiple fission alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
Liu et al. – Current Biology

ATP synthase evolution on a cross-braced dated tree of life
Mahendrarajah et al. – Nature Communications

A Plausible Prebiotic Path to Nucleosides: Ribosides and Related Aldosides Generated from Ribulose, Fructose, and Similar Abiotic Precursors
Roche et al. – Chemistry – A European Journal

One-Pot Formation of Pairing Proto-RNA Nucleotides and Their Supramolecular Assemblies
Roche et al. – Life


Towards a prebiotic chemoton – nucleotide precursor synthesis driven by the autocatalytic formose reaction
Tran et al. – Chemical Science

Computational biology

A non-adaptive explanation for macroevolutionary patterns in the evolution of complex multicellularity
Bingham et al. – preprint


Micronutrient availability in Precambrian oceans controlled by greenalite formation
Tostevin et al. – Nature Geoscience


Field-Based Planetary Protection Operations for Melt Probes: Validation of Clean Access into the Blood Falls, Antarctica, Englacial Ecosystem
Mikucki et al. – Astrobiology

Platenary sciences

Organic sulfur from source to sink in low-sulfate Lake Superior
Phillips et al. – Limnology and Oceanography

A new era in solar system astronomy with JWST
Villanueva et al. – Nature Communications

Synthetic life

Superstructural ordering in self-sorting coacervate-based protocell networks
Mu et al. – Nature Chemistry