OoL digest — November 13 edition

This week we have 23 new papers on the origin of life. Enjoy!


Breakthrough results in astrobiology: is ‘high risk’ research needed?
Jeancolas et al. – International Journal of Astrobiology

Life Detection and Microbial Biomarker Profiling with Signs of Life Detector-Life Detector Chip During a Mars Drilling Simulation Campaign in the Hyperarid Core of the Atacama Desert
Moreno-Paz et al. – Astrobiology

Observations of Elemental Composition of Enceladus Consistent with Generalized Models of Theoretical Ecosystems
Muratore et al. – preprint

Exploring Climate with Obliquity in a Variable-eccentricity Earth-like World
Way et al. – The Astronomical Journal


ATMOSPHERIX: II- Characterising exoplanet atmospheres through transmission spectroscopy with SPIRou
Debras et al. – preprint

Impact of Cosmic Rays on Atmospheric Ion Chemistry and Spectral Transmission Features of TRAPPIST-1e
Herbst et al. – preprint

The “Drake equation’’ of exomoons – a cascade of formation, stability and detection
Szabó et al. – preprint

On Earth’s habitability over the Sun’s main-sequence history: joint influence of space weather and Earth’s magnetic field evolution
Varela et al. – Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society


Prebiotic membrane structures mimic the morphology of purported early traces of life on Earth
Jordan et al. – preprint

Emergence of homochirality via template-directed ligation in an RNA reactor
Laurent et al. – preprint

Experimental evolution of multicellularity via cuboidal cell packing in fission yeast
Pineau et al. – preprint


Reflections upon a new definition of life
Gómez-Márquez – The Science of Nature

A third transition in science?
Kauffman et al. – Interface Focus

Computational biology

Stochastic parabolic growth promotes coexistence and a relaxed error threshold in RNA-like replicator populations
Paczkó et al. – preprint

Multistable protocells can aid the evolution of prebiotic autocatalytic sets
Singh et al. – preprint


Distinctive microfossil supports early Paleoproterozoic rise in complex cellular organisation
Barlow et al. – Geobiology


AMP-dependent phosphite dehydrogenase, a phosphorylating enzyme in dissimilatory phosphite oxidation
Mao et al. – Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Synthetic life

A spotlight on global collaboration in the Sc2.0 yeast consortium
Dai et al. – Cell Genomics

Consequences of a telomerase-related fitness defect and chromosome substitution technology in yeast synIX strains
McCulloch et al. – Cell Genomics

Design, construction, and functional characterization of a tRNA neochromosome in yeast
Schindler et al. – Cell

Dissecting aneuploidy phenotypes by constructing Sc2.0 chromosome VII and SCRaMbLEing synthetic disomic yeast
Shen et al. – Cell Genomics

Rise of synthetic yeast: Charting courses to new applications
Taghon et al. – Cell Genomics

Debugging and consolidating multiple synthetic chromosomes reveals combinatorial genetic interactions
Zhao et al. – Cell