OoL digest — October 30 edition

This week we have 17 new papers on the origin of life. Enjoy!


How Turing parasites expand the computational landscape of digital life
Seoane et al. – Physical Review E


Percolation of “Civilisation” in a Homogeneous Isotropic Universe
Alinea et al. – European Journal of Physics

Landforms Associated With the Aspect-Controlled Exhumation of Crater-Filling Alluvial Strata on Mars
Cardenas et al. – Geophysical Research Letters

The Potential of Detecting Nearby Terrestrial Planets in the HZ with Different Methods
Hao et al. – Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific

A Simultaneous Dual-site Technosignature Search Using International LOFAR Stations
Johnson et al. – The Astronomical Journal

Developing a Drift Rate Distribution for Technosignature Searches of Exoplanets
Li et al. – The Astronomical Journal

Dynamical aspects of Galactic habitability in N-body simulations
Mitrašinović et al. – Detection of the infrared aurora at Uranus with Keck-NIRSPEC
Thomas et al. – Nature Astronomy

Atmospheric carbon depletion as a tracer of water oceans and biomass on temperate terrestrial exoplanets
Triaud et al. – preprint


One-pot chemo-enzymatic synthesis and one-step recovery of length-variable long-chain polyphosphates from microalgal biomass
Lin et al. – Green Chemistry

Evolutionary consequences of nascent multicellular life cycles
Pentz et al. – eLife


Xeno Amino Acids: A look into biochemistry as we don’t know it
Brown et al. – preprint

The Moon-Forming Impact and the Autotrophic Origin of Life
Mrnjavac et al. – ChemPlusChem

Alkaline vents recreated in two dimensions to study pH gradients, precipitation morphology, and molecule accumulation
Weingart et al. – Science Advances

Mathematical biology

Boolean Networks as Predictive Models of Emergent Biological Behaviors
Rozum et al. – preprint

Planetary sciences

Ultrafast x-ray detection of low-spin iron in molten silicate under deep planetary interior conditions
Shim et al. – Science Advances

Venus’s atmospheric nitrogen explained by ancient plate tectonics
Weller et al. – Nature Astronomy