OoL digest — October 23 edition

This week we have 20 new papers on the origin of life. Enjoy!


Emergence and criticality in spatiotemporal synchronization: the complementarity model
Scirè – preprint


Can comets deliver prebiotic molecules to rocky exoplanets?
Anslow et al. – preprint

No Evidence for More Earth-sized Planets in the Habitable Zone of Kepler’s M versus FGK Stars
Bergsten et al. – preprint

New Work on Biosignatures
Cowie – Mind

Double Trouble: Two Transits of the Super-Earth GJ 1132 b Observed with JWST NIRSpec G395H
May et al. – preprint

Analyze Mass Spectrometry data with Artificial Intelligence to assist the understanding of past habitability of Mars and provide insights for future missions
Nasios – Icarus

Oxygen Bounty for Earth-like exoplanets: Spectra of Earth through the Phanerozoic
Payne et al. – Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society: Letters

Exploring the evidence of Middle Amazonian aquifer sedimentary outburst residues in a Martian chaotic terrain
Rodriguez et al. – Scientific Reports

Proposed Missions to Collect Samples for Analyzing Evidence of Life in the Venusian Atmosphere
Schulze-Makuch et al. – Astrobiology

A Mission Simulating the Search for Life on Mars with Automated Drilling, Sample Handling, and Life Detection Instruments Performed in the Hyperarid Core of the Atacama Desert, Chile
Stoker et al. – Astrobiology

An Information Theory Approach to Identifying Signs of Life on Transiting Planets
Vannah et al. – preprint

How would we know whether there is life on Earth? This bold experiment found out
Witze – Nature

On the roles of function and selection in evolving systems
Wong et al. – Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences


Ring-Opening of Glycerol Cyclic Phosphates Leads to a Diverse Array of Potentially Prebiotic Phospholipids
Aleksandrova et al. – preprint

Evolution of microRNAs in Amoebozoa and implications for the origin of multicellularity
Edelbroek et al. – preprint

Evolution of the RNA world: From signals to codes
Spirov – Biosystems


The Origin and Early Evolution of Life: Homochirality Emergence in Prebiotic Environments
Chieffo et al. – Astrobiology

Prebiotic Vitamin B$_3$ Synthesis in Carbonaceous Planetesimals
Paschek et al. – ChemPlusChem


Sublithospheric diamond ages and the supercontinent cycle
Timmerman et al. – Nature


Methanogens acquire and bioaccumulate nickel during reductive dissolution of nickelian pyrite
Spietz et al. – Applied and Environmental Microbiology