OoL digest — October 9 edition

This week we have 25 new papers on the origin of life. Enjoy!


Peptide-DNA conjugates as building blocks for de novo design of hybrid nanostructures
Danielsen et al. – Cell Reports Physical Science


Solid-State Single-Molecule Sensing with the Electronic Life-Detection Instrument for Enceladus/Europa (ELIE)
Carr et al. – Astrobiology

Photosynthesis under a red Sun: predicting the absorption characteristics of an extraterrestrial light-harvesting antenna
Duffy et al. – Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society

Circumpolar ocean stability on Mars 3 Gy ago
F. et al. – preprint

Can Lucky Planets Get a Second Chance at Life?
Feehly – Scientific American

Plausibility of Capture into High-Obliquity States for Exoplanets in the M Dwarf Habitable Zone
Guerrero et al. – preprint

Surrounded by Giants: Habitable Zone Stability Within the HD 141399 System
Kane – preprint

GJ 357 d: Potentially Habitable World or Agent of Chaos?
Kane et al. – preprint

Super-Earth LHS3844b is tidally locked
Lyu et al. – preprint

Earth as an Exoplanet. III. Using Empirical Thermal Emission Spectra as Input for Atmospheric Retrieval of an Earth-Twin Exoplanet
Mettler et al. – preprint

Radiolytically reworked Archean organic matter in a habitable deep ancient high-temperature brine
Nisson et al. – Nature Communications

Solvent constraints for biopolymer folding and evolution in extraterrestrial environments
Sánchez et al. – preprint

Renaissance for magnetotactic bacteria in astrobiology
Shen et al. – The ISME Journal

A Review of Infrasound and Seismic Observations of Sample Return Capsules since the End of the Apollo Era in Anticipation of the OSIRIS-REx Arrival
Silber et al. – Atmosphere

The most sensitive SETI observations toward Barnard’s star with FAST
Tao et al. – preprint

Extended habitability of exoplanets due to subglacial water
Wandel – preprint


Reconstructing Atmospheric Parameters of Exoplanets Using Deep Learning
Giobergia et al. – preprint

Dust Enrichment and Grain Growth in a Smooth Disk around the DG Tau Protostar Revealed by ALMA Triple Bands Frequency Observations
Ohashi et al. – The Astrophysical Journal

Reading Between the Lines: Investigating the Ability of JWST to Identify Discerning Features in exoEarth and exoVenus Transmission Spectra
Ostberg et al. – preprint


Collectively autocatalytic sets
Ashkenasy et al. – Cell Reports Physical Science

From a binding module to essential catalytic activity: how nature stumbled on a good thing
Lemay-St-Denis et al. – Chemical Communications


Thermodynamic and kinetic selection in evolving chemical mixtures
Capera-Aragones et al. – preprint

High cost enhances cooperation through the interplay between evolution and self-organisation
Colizzi et al. – BMC Evolutionary Biology


How purposeless physics underlies purposeful life
Ellis – Nature

Assembly theory explains and quantifies selection and evolution
Sharma et al. – Nature