OoL digest — September 25 edition

This week we have 16 new papers on the origin of life. Enjoy!


A theoretical approach to the complex chemical evolution of phosphorus in the interstellar medium
Fernaández-Ruz et al. – preprint

Consumption of Hydrogen by Annihilation Reactions in Ultradense Hydrogen H(0) Contributed to Form a Hot and Dry Venus
Holmlid et al. – Astrobiology

The path to detecting extraterrestrial life with astrophotonics
Jovanovic et al. – preprint

Beyond the Drake Equation: A Time-Dependent Inventory of Habitable Planets and Life-Bearing Worlds in the Solar Neighborhood
Madau – preprint

Origin of Homochirality in Amino Acids Induced by Lyman-α Irradiation in the Early Stage of the Milky Way
Sato et al. – Astrobiology

The distribution of CO 2 on Europa indicates an internal source of carbon
Trumbo et al. – Science


Simulation-based Inference for Exoplanet Atmospheric Retrieval: Insights from winning the Ariel Data Challenge 2023 using Normalizing Flows
Aubin et al. – preprint

Integrated photonic-based coronagraphic systems for future space telescopes
Desai et al. – preprint


Converting genetic information to non-equilibrium cellular thermodynamics in enzyme-catalyzed reactions
Gatenby – preprint

Assessment of Stoichiometric Autocatalysis across Element Groups
Peng et al. – Journal of the American Chemical Society


Fossil-calibrated inference of divergence times among the Volvocine algae enables reconstruction of the steps that led to differentiated multicellularity
Lindsey et al. – preprint

Stepwise emergence of the neuronal gene expression program in early animal evolution
Najle et al. – Cell


Constraining the onset and environmental setting of metazoan biomineralization: The Ediacaran Nama Group of the Tsaus Mountains, Namibia
Bowyer et al. – Earth and Planetary Science Letters

Deep formation of Earth’s earliest continental crust consistent with subduction
Hastie et al. – Nature Geoscience

Deglacial volcanism and reoxygenation in the aftermath of the Sturtian Snowball Earth
Li et al. – Science Advances

Synthetic biology

Genome-wide promoter responses to CRISPR perturbations of regulators reveal regulatory networks in Escherichia coli
Han et al. – Nature Communications