OoL digest — September 18 edition

This week we have 6 new papers on the origin of life. Enjoy!


Carbon-bearing Molecules in a Possible Hycean Atmosphere
Madhusudhan et al. – preprint

Making Habitable Worlds: Planets Versus Megastructures
Narasimha et al. – preprint

Bioverse: The Habitable Zone Inner Edge Discontinuity as an Imprint of Runaway Greenhouse Climates on Exoplanet Demographics
Schlecker et al. – preprint

Detectability of Local Water Reservoirs in Europa’s Surface Layer under Consideration of Coupled Induction
Winkenstern et al. – preprint


Atmospheric Reconnaissance of TRAPPIST-1 b with JWST/NIRISS: Evidence for Strong Stellar Contamination in the Transmission Spectra
Lim et al. – preprint


The fats of the matter: Lipids in prebiotic chemistry and in origin of life studies
Santos et al. – Progress in Lipid Research