OoL digest — September 11 edition

This week we have 14 new papers on the origin of life. Enjoy!


Effects of UV and Calcium Perchlorates on Uracil Deposited on Strontium Fluoride Substrates at Mars Pressure and Temperature
Chaouche-Mechidal et al. – Astrobiology

Raman Spectroscopic and Microbial Study of Biofilms Hosted Gypsum Deposits in the Hypersaline Wetlands: Astrobiological Perspective
Diloreto et al. – Astrobiology

Information transmission via molecular communication in astrobiological environments
Lingam – preprint

Investigation of the Cytotoxicity of Mars-Relevant Minerals upon Abrasion
Sigvartsøn et al. – Astrobiology

Life Detection on Icy Moons Using Flow Cytometry and Exogenous Fluorescent Stains
Wallace et al. – Astrobiology


Visible extreme adaptive optics on extremely large telescopes: Towards detecting oxygen in Proxima Centauri b and analogs
Fowler et al. – preprint


How biological codes break causal chains to enable autonomy for organisms
Farnsworth – Biosystems

On the minimal elements of the genetic code and their semiotic functions (degeneracy, complementarity, wobbling)
Zolyan – Biosystems

Mathematical biology

Self-generating autocatalytic networks: structural results, algorithms, and their relevance to evolutionary processes
Huson et al. – preprint

Planetary sciences

Expanding Mars Climate Modeling: Interpretable Machine Learning for Modeling MSL Relative Humidity
Abdelmoneim et al. – preprint

Parameterizing pressure-temperature profiles of exoplanet atmospheres with neural networks
Gebhard et al. – preprint

On the Diversity and Formation Modes of Martian Minerals
Hazen et al. – Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets

Migration processes in the Solar System and their role in the evolution of the Earth and planets
Marov et al. – preprint

Variability in low Mars atmosphere’s H$_2$O concentration stimulated by solar cycle activity
Molina et al. – preprint