OoL digest — August 21 edition

This week we have 13 new papers on the origin of life. Enjoy!


Mars 2020 Mission Biological Return Sample Contamination Control Approach and Verification
Chen et al. – Astrobiology

Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Exoplanet Atmospheres I. Thermochemical Equilibrium Models
Dubey et al. – preprint

Potential Atmospheric Compositions of TRAPPIST-1 c constrained by JWST/MIRI Observations at 15 $\mu$m
Lincowski et al. – preprint

Chasing habitable worlds with Tianlin
Maltagliati – Nature Astronomy

A Search for Technosignatures Around 11,680 Stars with the Green Bank Telescope at 1.15-1.73 GHz
Margot et al. – preprint

Translation as a Biosignature
McKaig et al. – preprint

Genetic Biosignatures of Deep-Subsurface Organisms Preserved in Carbonates Over a 100,000 Year Timescale at a Surface-Accessible Mars Analog Site in Southeastern Utah
Pierce et al. – Astrobiology

Identification and Archive of Mars 2020 Spacecraft Microbial Isolates
Schubert et al. – Astrobiology

A cool runaway greenhouse without surface magma ocean
Selsis et al. – Nature

Unavoidable Extinctions in Ecosystems of Extreme Isolation
Symeonidou et al. – Astrobiology


Reflected spectroscopy of small exoplanets III: probing the UV band to measure biosignature gasses
Damiano et al. – preprint


Electron transport chains as a window into the earliest stages of evolution
Goldman et al. – Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Planetary sciences

Variations in climate habitability parameters and their effect on Earth’s biosphere during the Phanerozoic Eon
Vilović et al. – Scientific Reports