OoL digest — July 17 edition

This week we have 12 new papers on the origin of life. Enjoy!

Artificial life

The emergence of dynamic networks from many coupled polar oscillators. A model for Artificial Life
Scirè et al. – preprint


Information Gain as a Tool for Assessing Biosignature Missions
Fields et al. – preprint

Where are the Water Worlds?: Self-Consistent Models of Water-Rich Exoplanet Atmospheres
Kempton et al. – preprint

Life Unknown: Preliminary Scheme for a Magnetotrophic Organism
Schulze-Makuch et al. – Life

Diverse organic-mineral associations in Jezero crater, Mars
Sharma et al. – Nature

Viscosity and diffusion in life processes and tuning of fundamental constants
Trachenko – preprint


Characterization of an HNA aptamer suggests a non-canonical G-quadruplex motif
Schofield et al. – Nucleic Acids Research

Triplet-Encoded Prebiotic RNA Aminoacylation
Su et al. – Journal of the American Chemical Society

Plasma-Enhanced Chemical-Vapor-Deposition Synthesis of Photoredox-Active Nitrogen-Doped Carbon from NH3 and CH4 Gases
Wang et al. – Angewandte Chemie International Edition

Planetary sciences

Exoplanets Around Red Giants: Distribution and Habitability
Chen et al. – preprint

Composition constraints of the TRAPPIST-1 planets from their formation
Childs et al. – preprint

New U-Pb CA-ID TIMS zircon ages implicate the Franklin LIP as the proximal trigger for the Sturtian Snowball Earth event
Dufour et al. – Earth and Planetary Science Letters