OoL digest — July 10 edition

This week we have 13 new papers on the origin of life. Enjoy!

Artificial life

Microelectronic Morphogenesis: Progress towards Artificial Organisms
McCaskill et al. – preprint


Planetary Protection Implementation and Verification Approach for the Mars 2020 Mission
Cooper et al. – Astrobiology


Analogous response of temperate terrestrial exoplanets and Earth’s climate dynamics to greenhouse gas supplement
Hochman et al. – preprint


Does ribosome composition maximize growth rate? The role of RNA instability
Széliová et al. – preprint

Missing-link fold reveals the evolutionary pathway between RNA polymerase and ribosomal proteins
Yagi et al. – preprint

Chemical physics

Exactly solvable toy model of autocatalysis: Irreversible relaxation after a quantum quench
Merlin – Physical Review E


Partitioning of Fe2+ and Fe3+ between bridgmanite and silicate melt: Implications for redox evolution of the Earth’s mantle
Kuwahara et al. – Earth and Planetary Science Letters

Hadean mantle oxidation inferred from melting of peridotite under lower-mantle conditions
Kuwahara et al. – Nature Geoscience

I/Pu reveals Earth mainly accreted from volatile-poor differentiated planetesimals
Liu et al. – Science Advances

What is mineral informatics?
Prabhu et al. – American Mineralogist


Evolution of a minimal cell
Moger-Reischer et al. – Nature

Planetary sciences

The Effect of Dust Evolution and Traps on Inner Disk Water Enrichment
Kalyaan et al. – preprint

An inflationary disk phase to explain extended protoplanetary dust disks
Marschall et al. – preprint