OoL digest — May 29 edition

This week we have 14 new papers on the origin of life. Enjoy!


A Simple Biochemical Method for the Detection of Proteins as Biomarkers of Life on Martian Soil Simulants and the Impact of UV Radiation
Li et al. – Life (Basel, Switzerland)

Humid Evolution of Haze in the Atmosphere of Super-Earths in the Habitable Zone
Maillard et al. – Astrobiology

Traces of Ancient Life in Oceanic Basalt Preserved as Iron-Mineralized Ultrastructures: Implications for Detecting Extraterrestrial Biosignatures
Qu et al. – Astrobiology


On the behavior of spin-orbit connection of exoplanets
Martins et al. – Nature Astronomy

The Next Generation Arecibo Telescope: A preliminary study
Roshi et al. – preprint


Biophysical Interactions Underpin the Emergence of Information in the Genetic Code
Halpern et al. – Life (Basel, Switzerland)

Prebiotic Synthesis of Aspartate Using Life’s Metabolism as a Guide
Harrison et al. – Life (Basel, Switzerland)


RNA ligase ribozymes with a small catalytic core
Nomura et al. – Scientific Reports

Biological physics

Behaviour and the Origin of Organisms
Egbert et al. – Origins of Life and Evolution of Biospheres


Synthesis of prebiotic organics from CO2 by catalysis with meteoritic and volcanic particles
Peters et al. – Scientific Reports


Isotopic constraints on lightning as a source of fixed nitrogen in Earth’s early biosphere
Barth et al. – Nature Geoscience

Origin of Silicate Spherules and Geochemistry of Re and Platinum-Group Elements Within Microfossil-Bearing Archean Chert from the 3.4 Ga Strelley Pool Formation, Western Australia
Sugitani et al. – Astrobiology

Mathematical biology

Real-time Evolution of Multicellularity with Artificial Gene Regulation
Cope – preprint

Regulative development as a model for origin of life and artificial life studies
Fields et al. – Biosystems