OoL digest — May 15 edition

This week we have 16 new papers on the origin of life. Enjoy!


Photochemical depletion of heavy CO isotopes in the Martian atmosphere
Alday et al. – Nature Astronomy

Beyond Mediocrity: How Common is Life?
Balbi et al. – Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society

Nuclear fusion powered Titan aircraft
Paluszek et al. – Acta Astronautica

Constellations of co-orbital planets: horseshoe dynamics, long-term stability, transit timing variations, and potential as SETI beacons
Raymond et al. – Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society

Origins of Life on Exoplanets
Rimmer – preprint


Multispecies autocatalytic RNA reaction networks in coacervates
Ameta et al. – Communications Chemistry

De novo evolution of macroscopic multicellularity
Bozdag et al. – Nature

Replication elongates short DNA, reduces sequence bias, and develops trimer structure
Serrão et al. – preprint

Boron-assisted abiotic polypeptide synthesis
Sumie et al. – Communications Chemistry

Biological physics

Onset model of mutually catalytic self-replicative systems formed by an assembly of polynucleotides
Sawada et al. – Physical Review E


Crossroads at the Origin of Prebiotic Chemical Complexity: Hydrogen Cyanide Product Diversification
Sandström et al. – The Journal of Physical Chemistry A

Chiral Selective Self-Replicators
Yang et al. – preprint


Advanced life peaked billions of years ago according to black holes
Garofalo – preprint


Evolution of the crustal phosphorus reservoir
Walton et al. – Science Advances

Physical chemistry

Heritable, mutable, and selectable spatial patterns from bistable chemical reaction networks in weakly-coupled reactor arrays
Peng et al. – preprint

Synthetic biology

Non-enzymatic oligonucleotide ligation in coacervate protocells sustains compartment-content coupling
Fraccia et al. – Nature Communications