OoL digest — May 1 edition

This week we have 11 new papers on the origin of life. Enjoy!

Artificial Life

An Artificial Life Simulation Library Based on Genetic Algorithm, 3-Character Genetic Code and Biological Hierarchy
Ling – preprint


Impact of M Dwarfs Ultraviolet Radiation on Prebiotic Chemistry: The Case of Adenine
Armas-Vázquez et al. – Astrobiology

Inferring the Rate of Technosignatures from 60 yr of Nondetection
Grimaldi – The Astronomical Journal

Onboard Science Instrument Autonomy for the Detection of Microscopy Biosignatures on the Ocean Worlds Life Surveyor
Wronkiewicz et al. – preprint


There’s more to life than O$_2$: Simulating the detectability of a range of molecules for ground-based high-resolution spectroscopy of transiting terrestrial exoplanets
Currie et al. – preprint

Bioverse: A Comprehensive Assessment of the Capabilities of Extremely Large Telescopes to Probe Earth-like O$_\mathrm{2}$ Levels in Nearby Transiting Habitable Zone Exoplanets
Hardegree-Ullman et al. – preprint

Narrow loophole for H2-dominated atmospheres on habitable rocky planets around M dwarfs
Hu et al. – preprint


Single-cell adaptations shape evolutionary transitions to multicellularity in green algae
Cornwallis et al. – Nature Ecology & Evolution

Chemical factors induce aggregative multicellularity in a close unicellular relative of animals
Ros-Rocher et al. – Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Mathematical Biology

Universal structures for adaptation in biochemical reaction networks
Araujo et al. – Nature Communications


Microbial Characterization of Arctic Glacial Ice Cores with a Semiautomated Life Detection System
Touchette et al. – Astrobiology