OoL digest — March 27 edition

This week we have 8 new papers on the origin of life. Enjoy!

Artificial life

Understanding Social Robots: Attribution of Intentional Agency to Artificial and Biological Bodies
Ziemke – Artificial Life


Environmental and Mineralogical Controls on Biosignature Preservation in Magnesium Carbonate Systems Analogous to Jezero Crater, Mars
Burnie et al. – Astrobiology

Ancient Siliciclastic–Evaporites as Seen by Remote Sensing Instrumentation with Implications for the Rover-Scale Exploration of Sedimentary Environments on Mars
Meyer et al. – Astrobiology

Uracil in the carbonaceous asteroid (162173) Ryugu
Oba et al. – Nature Communications

Solid grains ejected from terrestrial exoplanets as a probe of the abundance of life in the Milky Way
Totani – preprint


Robust microphase separation through chemical reaction networks
Blanchini et al. – preprint


Division of labor promotes the entrenchment of multicellularity
Conlin et al. – preprint


Nitrate limitation in early Neoproterozoic oceans delayed the ecological rise of eukaryotes
Kang et al. – Science Advances