OoL digest — March 6 edition

This week we have 7 new preprints and 13 papers on the origin of life. Enjoy!

Artificial life

On the Open-Endedness of Detecting Open-Endedness
Stepney et al. – Artificial Life


Boron as a Hypothetical Participant in the Prebiological Enantiomeric Enrichment
Franco et al. – Astrobiology

Astrobiologists train an AI to find life on Mars
Heidt – Nature

Land Fraction Diversity on Earth-like Planets and Implications for Their Habitability
Höning et al. – Astrobiology

Observing M Dwarfs UV and optical flares from a CubeSat and their implications for exoplanets habitability
Poyatos et al. – preprint

Quantifying the Bioavailable Energy in an Ancient Hydrothermal Vent on Mars and a Modern Earth-Based Analog
Rucker et al. – Astrobiology

Multiverse Predictions for Habitability: Planetary Characteristics
Sandora et al. – Universe

New models of reflection spectra for terrestrial exoplanets: Present and prebiotic Earth orbiting around stars of different spectral types
Singla et al. – preprint

Orbit-to-ground framework to decode and predict biosignature patterns in terrestrial analogues
Warren-Rhodes et al. – Nature Astronomy


How did life begin? One key ingredient is coming into view
Dance – Nature

A Concise and Formal Definition of RAF Sets and the RAF Algorithm
Hordijk – preprint

RNA folding studies inside peptide-rich droplets reveal roles of modified nucleosides at the origin of life
Meyer et al. – preprint

Self-Similar Patterns from Abiotic Decarboxylation Metabolism through Chemically Oscillating Reactions: A Prebiotic Model for the Origin of Life
Papineau et al. – Life

Abiogenesis through gradual evolution of autocatalysis into template-based replication
Pavlinova et al. – FEBS letters

Recent progress in primitive polyester synthesis and membraneless microdroplet assembly
Z. Jia et al. – Biophysics and Physicobiology


Order and Complexity in the RNA World
Mayer – Life


Multimodal Techniques for Detecting Alien Life using Assembly Theory and Spectroscopy
Jirasek et al. – preprint


Oxygenation of the Earth aided by mineral–organic carbon preservation
Zhao et al. – Nature Geoscience

Mathematical biology

Why Do Hybrids Turn Down Sex?
Fyon et al. – preprint

Planetary science

Strong depletion of $^{13}$C in CO induced by photolysis of CO$_{2}$ in the Martian atmosphere calculated by a photochemical model
Yoshida et al. – preprint