OoL digest — February 20 edition

This week we have 8 preprints and 15 new papers on the origin of life. Enjoy!


Emergence in Artificial Life
Gershenson – Artificial Life


Detecting Microbiology in the Upper Atmosphere: Relative-Velocity Filtered Sampling
Berera et al. – Astrobiology

In-situ detection of Europa’s water plumes is harder than previously thought
Dayton-Oxland et al. – preprint

The CARMENES search for exoplanets around M dwarfs. Line-by-line sensitivity to activity in M dwarfs
Lafarga et al. – preprint

JWST opens a window on exoplanet skies
Seidel et al. – Nature

Quantification of Carbonates, Oxychlorines, and Chlorine Generated by Heterogeneous Electrochemistry Induced by Martian Dust Activity
Wang et al. – Geophysical Research Letters


Biophysical models for studying patterns of RuBisCO small subunit evolution
Amritkar et al. – Biophysical Journal

Nitrogenase resurrection and the evolution of a singular enzymatic mechanism
Garcia et al. – eLife

Sequence dependent UV damage of complete pools of oligonucleotides
Kufner et al. – Scientific Reports

Cryo-EM captures early ribosome assembly in action
Qin et al. – Nature Communications

Towards an RNA/Peptides World by the Direct RNA Template Mechanism: The Emergence of Membrane-Stabilizing Peptides in RNA-Based Protocells
Shi et al. – Life

The origin of life: RNA and protein co-evolution on the ancient earth
Tagami et al. – Development, Growth & Differentiation


Complexity and Evolution
Veloz et al. – Entropy


Modelling spatial constraints and scaling effects of catalyst phase separation on linear pathway kinetics
Lauber et al. – preprint


Four principles to establish a universal virus taxonomy
Simmonds et al. – PLOS Biology

Molecular biology

Theoretical and computational tools to model multistable gene regulatory networks
Bocci et al. – preprint

Planetary science

The Dynamical Consequences of a Super-Earth in the Solar System
Kane – preprint

About the loss of a primordial atmosphere of super-Earths by planetesimal impacts
Lozovsky et al. – preprint

Presence of liquid water during the evolution of exomoons orbiting ejected free-floating planets
Roccetti et al. – preprint

The Compositional Dimension of Planet Formation
Turrini – Book chapter

Observational constraints on the process and products of Martian serpentinization
Tutolo et al. – Science Advances

Synergies between Venus & Exoplanetary Observations
Way et al. – Space Science Reviews

Synthetic biology

Synthetic circular RNA switches and circuits that control protein expression in mammalian cells
Kameda et al. – Nucleic Acids Research