OoL digest — February 13 edition

This week we have 8 preprints and 10 new papers on the origin of life. Enjoy!


Spectroscopic Detection of Biosignatures in Natural Ice Samples as a Proxy for Icy Moons – Calapez et al. – Life

NA-SODINN: a deep learning algorithm for exoplanet image detection based on residual noise regimes – Cantero et al. – preprint

Specular Reflections from Artificial Surfaces as Technosignature – Jaiswal – Astrobiology

Correcting Exoplanet Transmission Spectra for Stellar Activity with an Optimised Retrieval Framework – Thompson et al. – preprint


Epistasis between promoter activity and coding mutations shapes gene evolvability – Cisneros et al. – Science Advances

Glycine Peptide Chain Formation in the Gas Phase via Unimolecular Reactions – Comte et al. – The Journal of Physical Chemistry A

RNA-catalyzed RNA Ligation within Prebiotically Plausible Model Protocells – DasGupta et al. – preprint

RNA conformation and metal ion coordination in the nonenzymatic primer extension reaction center – Mittal et al. – preprint

Emergence of chaos in a compartmentalized catalytic reaction nanosystem – Raab et al. – Nature Communications

Passive endocytosis in protocells enables nutrient transport bypassing permeability limits – Zhang et al. – preprint


From autopoiesis to self-optimization: Toward an enactive model of biological regulation – Froese et al. – preprint


Low phosphorus concentrations and important ferric hydroxide scavenging in Archean seawater – Rego et al. – PNAS Nexus

Relatively oxidized fluids fed Earth’s earliest hydrothermal systems – Trail et al. – Science

Information theory

Cells as the first data scientists – Wong et al. – Journal of The Royal Society Interface

Planetary sciences

Origin of Water in the Terrestrial Planets: Insights from Meteorite Data and Planet Formation Models – Izidoro et al. – Elements

Pathways of Survival of Exomoons and Inner Exoplanets – Makarov et al. – preprint

The Demographics of Terrestrial Planets in the Venus Zone – Ostberg et al. – preprint

A window into prebiotic worlds? – Rodriguez – Science