OoL digest — January 16 edition

This week we have 8 preprints and 8 new papers on the origin of life. Enjoy!


Redox state and interior structure control on the long-term habitability of stagnant-lid planets – Baumeister et al. – preprint

How the origin of stars in the Galaxy impacts the composition of planetary building blocks – Cabral et al. – preprint

DNA Polymerization in Icy Moon Abyssal Pressure Conditions – Carré et al. – Astrobiology

Venus, Phosphine and the Possibility of Life – Clements – preprint

Future NASA scope would find life on alien worlds – Clery – Science

Early Insights for Atmospheric Retrievals of Exoplanets using JWST Transit Spectroscopy – Constantinou et al. – preprint

A Second Earth-Sized Planet in the Habitable Zone of the M Dwarf, TOI-700 – Gilbert et al. – preprint

Optical Properties of Organic Hazes in Water-rich Exoplanet Atmospheres: Implications for Observations with JWST – He et al. – preprint

A JWST transmission spectrum of a nearby Earth-sized exoplanet – Lustig-Yaeger et al. – preprint

Meteorites and the RNA World: Synthesis of Nucleobases in Carbonaceous Planetesimals and the Role of Initial Volatile Content – Paschek et al. – The Astrophysical Journal

Meteorite Parent Body Aqueous Alteration Simulations of Interstellar Residue Analogs – Qasim et al. – ACS Earth and Space Chemistry

Microbial Motility at the Bottom of North America: Digital Holographic Microscopy and Genomic Motility Signatures in Badwater Spring, Death Valley National Park – Snyder et al. – Astrobiology

The Water Activity of Mars-relevant Multicomponent Brines: The Changing Influence of Perchlorate on Habitability over Time – Stevens et al. – The Planetary Science Journal

The Abundance of Belatedly Habitable Planets and Ambiguities in Definitions of the Continuously Habitable Zone – Tuchow et al. – preprint


Toward understanding the emergence of life: A dual function of the system of nucleotides in the metabolically closed autopoietic organization – Igamberdiev et al. – Biosystems


Cesium: A public database of evolved oscillatory reaction networks – Tatka et al. – Biosystems