OoL digest — January 9 edition

This week we have 5 preprints and 1 new paper on the origin of life. Enjoy!


A Gaian Habitable Zone – Arthur et al. – preprint

In Search of the Edge: A Bayesian Exploration of the Detectability of Red Edges in Exoplanet Reflection Spectra – Barrientos et al. – preprint


Protobiotic Network Reproducers Are Compositional Attractors: Enhanced Probability for Life’s Origin – Kahana et al. – preprint

Fatty Acid Vesicles as Hard UV-C Shields for Early Life – Lechuga et al. – preprint

ACEs in spaces: Autocatalytic Chemical Ecosystems in Spatial Settings – Plum et al. – preprint

Planetary Science

Organophosphorus Compound Formation Through the Oxidation of Reduced Oxidation State Phosphorus Compounds on the Hadean Earth – Gull et al. – Journal of Molecular Evolution