OoL digest — November 14 edition

This week we have 2 preprints, 8 new papers and 1 book on the origin of life. Enjoy!


Large Interferometer For Exoplanets (LIFE): VIII. Where is the phosphine? Observing exoplanetary PH3 with a space based MIR nulling interferometer – Angerhausen et al. – preprint

Direct In-Situ Capture, Separation and Visualization of Biological Particles with Fluid-Screen in the Context of Venus Life Finder Mission Concept Study – Weber et al. – Aerospace


The limits of metabolic heredity in protocells – Nunes Palmeira et al. – Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences

Erythrose and Threose: Carbonyl Migrations, Epimerizations, Aldol, and Oxidative Fragmentation Reactions Under Plausible Prebiotic Conditions – Yi et al. – Chemistry – A European Journal


From Molecules to Cells: The Origin of Life on Earth – Kessel et al. – book


Temporally programmed polymer – solvent interactions using a chemical reaction network – Klemm et al. – Nature Communications


Endosymbiotic selective pressure at the origin of eukaryotic cell biology – Raval et al. – eLife


Information, Entropy, Life, and the Universe – Ben-Naim – Entropy

Hierarchically self-assembled homochiral helical microtoroids – Du et al. – Nature Nanotechnology

Robustness of compositional heredity to the growth and division dynamics of prebiotic compartments – Matsubara et al. – preprint