OoL digest — October 24 edition

This week we have 4 preprints and 7 new papers on the origin of life. Enjoy!


Galactic settlement of low-mass stars as a resolution to the Fermi paradox – Haqq-Misra et al. – preprint

Greater Climate Sensitivity and Variability on TRAPPIST-1e than Earth – Hochman et al. – The Astrophysical Journal

Using Organic Contaminants to Constrain the Terrestrial Journey of the Martian Meteorite Lafayette – O’Brien et al. – Astrobiology


Metabolic homeostasis and growth in abiotic cells – Akbari et al. – preprint

Investigations on the Role of Iron (III) and Silica-Iron (III) for DNA Protection Against Highly Intense UV Radiation: Tracking the Connection of Prebiotic Chemistry to Biology – González-Ramírez et al. – Astrobiology

Life in Multi-Extreme Environments: Brines, Osmotic and Hydrostatic Pressure─A Physicochemical View – Knop et al. – Chemical Reviews

Selection of the Early Genetic Code by Ultraviolet Light – Kufner et al. – preprint


Early nitrogenase ancestors encompassed novel active site diversity – Schwartz et al. – Molecular Biology and Evolution


The Effects of Dehydration Temperature and Monomer Chirality on Primitive Polyester Synthesis and Microdroplet Assembly – Afrin et al. – Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics

Alternating selection for dispersal and multicellularity favors regulated life cycles – Barrere et al. – preprint

Hydrogen Drives Part of the Reverse Krebs Cycle under Metal or Meteorite Catalysis – Rauscher et al. – Angewandte Chemie International Edition