OoL digest — October 17 edition

This week we have 5 preprints and 3 new papers on the origin of life. Enjoy!


Solid grains ejected from terrestrial exoplanets as a probe of the abundance of life in the Milky Way – Totani – preprint


Illuminating a new path to multicellularity – Datta et al. – eLife

Continuity between ancient geochemistry and modern metabolism enabled by non-autocatalytic purine biosynthesis – Goldford et al. – preprint

A Physicochemical Consideration of Prebiotic Microenvironments for Self-Assembly and Prebiotic Chemistry – Saha et al. – Life

Computational biology

Emergence of linkage between cooperative RNA replicators encoding replication and metabolic enzymes thorough experimental evolution – Ueda et al. – preprint

Planetary sciences

Noble gases and stable isotopes track the origin and early evolution of the Venus atmosphere – Avice et al. – preprint

Earth as an Exoplanet: II. Earth’s Time-Variable Thermal Emission and its Atmospheric Seasonality of Bio-Indicators – Mettler et al. – preprint

Early Mars’ habitability and global cooling by H2-based methanogens – Sauterey et al. – Nature Astronomy