OoL digest — September 19 edition

This week we have 4 preprints and 10 new papers and 1 book chapter on the origin of life. Enjoy!

Artificial life

Provenance of life: Chemical autonomous agents surviving through associative learning – Bartlett et al. – Physical Review E

Reaction–Diffusion Patterning of DNA-Based Artificial Cells – Leathers et al. – Journal of the American Chemical Society

Living material assembly of bacteriogenic protocells – Xu et al. – Nature

Life brought to artificial cells – Yewdall – Nature


The Demographics of Kepler’s Earths and super-Earths into the Habitable Zone – Bergsten et al. – preprint

The KOBE experiment: K-dwarfs Orbited By habitable Exoplanets. Project goals, target selection and stellar characterization – Lillo-Box et al. – preprint

Deep-UV Raman Spectroscopy of Carbonaceous Precambrian Microfossils: Insights into the Search for Past Life on Mars – Osterhout et al. – Astrobiology

Testing Rover Science Protocols to Identify Possible Biosignatures on Mars: Achieving Sampling Goals Under a Highly Constrained Time Line – Yingst et al. – Astrobiology


Selective Phosphorylation of RNA- and DNA-Nucleosides under Prebiotically Plausible Conditions – Bechtel et al. – ChemSystemsChem

Origins of Life Research: The Conundrum between Laboratory and Field Simulations of Messy Environments – Deamer – Life

An Integrated Method to Reconstruct Ancient Proteins – Garcia et al. – book chapter

Exchange, catalysis and amplification of encapsulated RNA driven by periodic temperature changes – Salibi et al. – preprint


Quantifying the bioavailable energy in an ancient hydrothermal vent on Mars and a modern Earth-based analogue – Rucker et al. – preprint


Chemical thermodynamics for growing systems – Sughiyama et al. – Physical Review Research

Hessian geometric structure of chemical thermodynamic systems with stoichiometric constraints – Sughiyama et al. – Physical Review Research