OoL digest — August 15 edition

This week we have 3 preprints and 5 new papers on the origin of life. Enjoy!


Mission Architecture to Characterize Habitability of Venus Cloud Layers via an Aerial Platform – Agrawal et al. – Aerospace

Venus Life Finder Missions Motivation and Summary – Seager et al. – Aerospace

Physics And Chemistry Of Star Forming Region And Protoplanetary Disk – Sil – preprint


Arguments against the stereochemical theory of the origin of the genetic code – Di Giulio – Biosystems

The thermodynamics of reproduction constrain species ranking dynamics and diversity – Froese et al. – preprint


Very early evolution from the perspective of microbial ecology – Goldman et al. – Environmental Microbiology

Tectonically-driven oxidant production in the hot biosphere – Stone et al. – Nature Communications

Planetary Science

System Architecture and Planetary Obliquity: Implications for Long-Term Habitability – Vervoort et al. – preprint