OoL digest — July 25 edition

This week we have 1 book, 7 preprints and 11 new papers on the origin of life. Enjoy!


ExoSGAN and ExoACGAN: Exoplanet Detection using Adversarial Training Algorithms – Agnes et al. – preprint

Inferring Exoplanet Disequilibria with Multivariate Information in Atmospheric Reaction Networks – Fisher et al. – The Astronomical Journal

In situ Identification of Paleoarchean Biosignatures Using Colocated Perseverance Rover Analyses: Perspectives for in situ Mars Science and Sample Return – Hickman-Lewis et al. – Astrobiology

Biofinder detects biological remains in Green River fish fossils from Eocene epoch at video speed – Misra et al. – Scientific Reports

Eolian erosion of polygons in the Atacama Desert as a proxy for hyper-arid environments on Earth and beyond – Sager et al. – Scientific Reports


Aromatic patterns: Tryptophan aromaticity as a catalyst for the emergence of life and rise of consciousness – Alachkar – Physics of Life Reviews

Bioenergetics of early life – Aleksandrova et al. – EMBO reports

Borate-guided ribose phosphorylation for prebiotic nucleotide synthesis – Hirakawa et al. – Scientific Reports

Thioester synthesis by a designed nickel enzyme models prebiotic energy conversion – Manesis et al. – Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Transfer RNA Synthesis-Coupled Translation and DNA Replication in a Reconstituted Transcription/Translation System – Miyachi et al. – ACS Synthetic Biology

Clonal development, not aggregation, drives the transition to multicellularity in an isogenic model system – Pentz et al. – preprint

The effect of environment on the evolution and proliferation of protocells of increasing complexity – Roy et al. – preprint


Multicellularity in animals: The potential for within-organism conflict – Howe et al. – Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Adaptive phototaxis of Chlamydomonas and the evolutionary transition to multicellularity in Volvocine green algae – Leptos et al. – preprint

Supply-driven evolution: mutation bias and trait-fitness distributions can drive macro-evolutionary dynamics – Xue et al. – preprint

Self-Organization as a New Paradigm in Evolutionary Biology: From Theory to Applied Cases in the Tree of LifeSpringer International Publishing


A Computational Quantum-Based Perspective on the Molecular Origins of Life’s Building Blocks – Amante et al. – Entropy

Mathematical biology

The evolution of cooperation in the unidirectional linear division of labour of finite roles – Nirjhor et al. – preprint

Synthetic biology

Origin of life from a maker’s perspective – focus on protocellular compartments in bottom-up synthetic biology – Ivanov et al. – preprint