OoL digest — July 2 edition

This week we have 7 preprints and 15 new papers on the origin of life. Enjoy!


Nebula-Relay Hypothesis: Cosmic ray-driven bioenergetics for Life in Molecular Clouds and the Origin of Chemiosmosis – Feng – preprint

Potential long-term habitable conditions on planets with primordial H–He atmospheres – Mol Lous et al. – Nature Astronomy

The global distribution and morphologic characteristics of fan-shaped sedimentary landforms on Mars – Morgan et al. – Icarus

Organic carbon concentrations in 3.5-billion-year-old lacustrine mudstones of Mars – Stern et al. – Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Tidal Heating of Exomoons in Resonance and Implications for Detection – Tokadjian et al. – preprint

An Informational Approach to Exoplanet Characterization – Vannah et al. – preprint


Thermocline Depth on Water-rich Exoplanets – Lai et al. – preprint

New Detections of Phosphorus Molecules towards Solar-type Protostars – Wurmser et al. – preprint


Phase-specific RNA accumulation and duplex thermodynamics in multiphase coacervate models for membraneless organelles – Choi et al. – Nature Chemistry

Micellar Composition Affects Lipid Accretion Kinetics in Molecular Dynamics Simulations: Support for Lipid Network Reproduction – Kahana et al. – Life

Making nucleic acid monomers – Liu et al. – Nature Chemistry

Formalising the Pathways to Life Using Assembly Spaces – Marshall et al. – Entropy

Bringing inanimate matter to life Transformer: The Deep Chemistry of Life and Death Nick Lane Norton, 2022. 400 pp. – Moran – Science

Prebiotic synthesis and triphosphorylation of 3′-amino-TNA nucleosides – Whitaker et al. – Nature Chemistry


A personal cost of cheating can stabilize reproductive altruism during the early evolution of clonal multicellularity – Cameron-Pack et al. – Biology Letters

The Hiatus Between Organism and Machine Evolution: Contrasting Mixed Microbial Communities with Robots – Roli et al. – preprint


Chemical Evolution Reimagined – Pinter et al. – preprint


Anoxic photochemical weathering of pyrite on Archean continents – Hao et al. – Science Advances

On the paragenetic modes of minerals: A mineral evolution perspective – Hazen et al. – American Mineralogist


Genomes of six viruses that infect Asgard archaea from deep-sea sediments – Rambo et al. – Nature Microbiology

Earliest Photic Zone Niches Probed by Ancestral Microbial Rhodopsins – Sephus et al. – Molecular Biology and Evolution


Laser cooling scheme for the carbon dimer ($^{12}\mathrm{C}{}_{2}$) – Bigagli et al. – Physical Review A