OoL digest — June 27 edition

This week we have 5 preprints and 15 new papers on the origin of life. Enjoy!


Formation of the simplest amide in molecular clouds: formamide (NH$_{2}$CHO) and its derivatives in H$_2$O-rich and CO-rich interstellar ice analogs upon VUV irradiation – Chuang et al. – preprint

Defining and Characterizing Habitable Environments in Ocean World Systems – Glass et al. – Oceanography

Stability of high-temperature salty ice suggests electrolyte permeability in water-rich exoplanet icy mantles – Hernandez et al. – Nature Communications

Salty ice and the dilemma of ocean exoplanet habitability – Journaux – Nature Communications

Epistemology and anomaly detection in astrobiology – Kinney et al. – Biology & Philosophy

Could the “Wow” signal have originated from a stochastic repeating beacon? – Kipping et al. – preprint

Active lithoautotrophic and methane-oxidizing microbial community in an anoxic, sub-zero, and hypersaline High Arctic spring – Magnuson et al. – The ISME Journal

Biofinder detects biological remains in Green River fish fossils from Eocene epoch at video speed – Misra et al. – Scientific Reports

Rapid Radiolytic Degradation of Amino Acids in the Martian Shallow Subsurface: Implications for the Search for Extinct Life – Pavlov et al. – Astrobiology

A Multi-Technique Analysis of Surface Materials From Blood Falls, Antarctica – Sklute et al. – Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Sciences

Earth through the looking glass: how frequently are we detected by other civilisations through photometric microlensing? – Suphapolthaworn et al. – preprint

Tidal Heating of Exomoons in Resonance and Implications for Detection – Tokadjian et al. – preprint

Flaring-associated Complex Dynamics in Two M-dwarfs Revealed by Fast, Time-resolved Spectroscopy – Wang et al. – preprint


Visualizing RNA polymers produced by hot wet-dry cycling – Hassenkam et al. – Scientific Reports

From vesicles toward protocells and minimal cells – Imai et al. – Soft Matter

Emergent properties as by-products of prebiotic evolution of aminoacylation ribozymes – Janzen et al. – Nature Communications

Mechanisms of protein evolution – Jayaraman et al. – Protein Science

In vitro evolution: From monsters to mobs – Vázquez-Salazar et al. – Current Biology


Mackinawite-Supported Reduction of C1 Substrates into Prebiotically Relevant Precursors – Grosch et al. – ChemSystemsChem


Microbial Communities in Saltpan Sediments Show Tolerance to Mars Analog Conditions, but Susceptibility to Chloride and Perchlorate Toxicity – Weingarten et al. – Astrobiology