OoL digest — June 6 edition

This week we have 13 preprints and 9 new papers on the origin of life. Enjoy!

Artificial Life

Engineering materials for artificial cells – Tanwar et al. – Current Opinion in Solid State and Materials Science


Water storage capacity of the Martian mantle through time – Dong et al. – preprint

Self-Assembled Structures Formed in CO2-Enriched Atmospheres: A Case-Study for Martian Biomimetic Forms – Escamilla-Roa et al. – Astrobiology

The Role of Atmospheric Exchange in False-Positive Biosignature Detection – Felton et al. – Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets

Searching for technosignatures in exoplanetary systems with current and future missions – Haqq-Misra et al. – preprint

Energetics govern ocean circulation on icy ocean worlds – Jansen et al. – preprint

Dynamics or Geysers and tracer transport over the south pole of Enceladus – Kang et al. – preprint

Chemical, Thermal, and Radiation Resistance of an Iron Porphyrin: A Model Study of Biosignature Stability – Pleyer et al. – Astrobiology

Molecular precursors of the RNA-world in space: new nitriles in the G+0.693-0.027 molecular cloud – Rivilla et al. – preprint


Galactic chemical evolution of exoplanet host stars: Are high-mass planetary systems young? – Swastik et al. – preprint


Mixed Anhydrides at the Intersection Between Peptide and RNA Autocatalytic Sets: Evolution of Biological Coding – Kauffman et al. – preprint

Hydrophobic-cationic peptides modulate RNA polymerase ribozyme activity by accretion – Li et al. – Nature Communications

Light-Driven Ecological-Evolutionary Dynamics in a Synthetic Replicator System – Liu et al. – preprint

Prebiotic Catalytic Peptide Ligation Yields Proteinogenic Peptides by Intramolecular Amide Catalyzed Hydrolysis Facilitating Regioselective Lysine Ligation in Neutral Water – Singh et al. – Journal of the American Chemical Society

Universal functions of prion candidates across all three domains of life suggest a primeval role of protein self-templating. – Zajkowski et al. – preprint

Information Theory

Information-based matching explains the diversity of cooperation among different populations – Gong – preprint

Inclusive Thermodynamics of Computational Machines – Kardeş et al. – preprint

Information thermodynamics of encoding and encoders – Tian et al. – Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science

Mathematical Biology

Selection and the direction of phenotypic evolution – Mallard et al. – preprint

The optimal clutch size revisited: separating individual quality from the costs of reproduction – Winder et al. – preprint


Cooperative virus-virus interactions: an evolutionary perspective – Otero et al. – BioDesign Research

Meteorites: beneficial or toxic for life on Early Earth? Growth of an anaerobic microbial community on a carbonaceous chondrite – Waajen et al. – Access Microbiology