OoL digest — May 16th edition

This week we have 6 preprints and 12 new papers on the origin of life. Enjoy!


An Integrative Analysis of the Rich Planetary System of the Nearby Star e Eridani: Ideal Targets For Exoplanet Imaging and Biosignature Searches – Basant et al. – preprint

Direct Imaging and Spectroscopy of Extrasolar Planets – Currie et al. – preprint

CHES: a space-borne astrometric mission for the detection of habitable planets of the nearby solar-type stars – Ji et al. – preprint

Zhurong reveals recent aqueous activities in Utopia Planitia, Mars – Liu et al. – Science Advances

Ocean signatures in the total flux and polarization spectra of Earth-like exoplanets – Trees et al. – preprint

Survival strategies of an anoxic microbial ecosystem in Lake Untersee, a potential analog for Enceladus – Wagner et al. – Scientific Reports

Large-scale Volcanism and the Heat Death of Terrestrial Worlds – Way et al. – The Planetary Science Journal


A possible path towards encoded protein synthesis on ancient Earth – Bonfio – Nature

Thioesters provide a plausible prebiotic path to proto-peptides – Frenkel-Pinter et al. – Nature Communications

A prebiotically plausible scenario of an RNA–peptide world – Müller et al. – Nature

Characterization of RNA content in individual phase-separated coacervate microdroplets – Wollny et al. – Nature Communications


Computational model of fractal interface formation in bacterial biofilms – Brooks et al. – preprint


830-million-year-old microorganisms in primary fluid inclusions in halite – Schreder-Gomes et al. – Geology


Single-particle studies of the effects of RNA-protein interactions on the self-assembly of RNA virus particles – Garmann et al. – preprint

Deep learning of a bacterial and archaeal universal language of life enables transfer learning and illuminates microbial dark matter – Hoarfrost et al. – Nature Communications

Extremophiles in Earth’s Deep Seas: A View Toward Life in Exo-Oceans – McClain et al. – Astrobiology


α-Clustering in atomic nuclei from first principles with statistical learning and the Hoyle state character – Otsuka et al. – Nature Communications

Planetary Science

Exploring Ocean Circulation on Icy Moons Heated From Below – Bire et al. – Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets