OoL digest — May 9th edition

This week we have 7 preprints and 6 new papers on the origin of life. Enjoy!


Relative Habitability of Exoplanet Systems with Two Giant Planets – Bailey et al. – preprint

On the pressure dependence of salty aqueous eutectics – Chang et al. – Cell Reports Physical Science

Biological Homochirality and the Search for Extraterrestrial Biosignatures – Gleiser – preprint

Perchlorate-Specific Proteomic Stress Responses of Debaryomyces hansenii Could Enable Microbial Survival in Martian Brines – Heinz et al. – preprint

Structural Responses of Nucleic Acids to Mars-Relevant Salts at Deep Subsurface Conditions – Knop et al. – Life

Science Autonomy for Ocean Worlds Astrobiology: A Perspective – Theiling et al. – Astrobiology


Reflected spectroscopy of small exoplanets II: characterization of terrestrial exoplanets – Damiano et al. – preprint


Tracing the Primordial Chemical Life of Glycine: A Review from Quantum Chemical Simulations – Rimola et al. – International Journal of Molecular Sciences


The origin of Earth’s mantle nitrogen: primordial or early biogeochemical cycling? – Kurokawa et al. – preprint

Information theory

How an information perspective helps overcome the challenge of biology to physics – Farnsworth – Biosystems

Mathematical biology

Dynamical mean-field theory: from ecosystems to reaction networks – De Giuli et al. – preprint

Cooperation increases robustness to ecological disturbance in microbial cross-feeding networks – Oña et al. – Ecology Letters

Planetary Science

Interpreting the atmospheric composition of exoplanets: sensitivity to planet formation assumptions – Mollière et al. – preprint