OoL digest — April 11th edition

This week we have 6 preprints and 6 new papers on the origin of life. Enjoy!


Sulfur- and Iron-Rich Mineralogical Features Preserved in Permafrost in the Canadian High Arctic: Analogs for the Astrobiological Exploration of Mars – Lau et al. – Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Sciences


Identifying Exoplanets with Machine Learning Methods: A Preliminary Study – Jin et al. – preprint


An open source computational workflow for the discovery of autocatalytic networks in abiotic reactions – Arya et al. – Chemical Science

Possible chemical and physical scenarios towards biological homochirality – Sallembien et al. – Chemical Society Reviews

Peptide-RNA Coacervates as a Cradle for the Evolution of Folded Domains – Seal et al. – preprint

RNA World Modeling: A Comparison of Two Complementary Approaches – Synak et al. – Entropy

Evolution of selfish multicellularity: collective organisation of individual spatio-temporal regulatory strategies – Vroomans et al. – preprint

Cryptic and abundant marine viruses at the evolutionary origins of Earth’s RNA virome – Zayed et al. – Science


Open questions on emergence in chemistry – Seifert – Communications Chemistry

Mathematical biology

Emergence of Autocatalytic Sets in a Simple Model of Technological Evolution – Hordijk et al. – preprint

Planetary Science

Tidally driven tectonic activity as a parameter in exoplanet habitability – McIntyre – preprint

$\delta^{44/40}$Ca-$\delta^{88/86}$Sr multi-proxy constrains primary origin of Marinoan cap carbonates – Wang et al. – preprint