OoL digest — March 29th edition

This week we have 4 preprints and 8 new papers on the origin of life. Enjoy!


Interpreting Molecular and Isotopic Biosignatures in Methane-Derived Authigenic Carbonates in the Light of a Potential Carbon Cycle in the Icy Moons – Carrizo et al. – Astrobiology

SETI in 2021 – Huston et al. – preprint

Characterization of the Halochromic Gloeocapsin Pigment, a Cyanobacterial Biosignature for Paleobiology and Astrobiology – Lara et al. – Astrobiology

Biogeochemical Characteristics of Earth’s Volcanic Permafrost: An Analog of Extraterrestrial Environments – Vishnivetskaya et al. – Astrobiology

Meteorites as Food Source on Early Earth: Growth, Selection, and Inhibition of a Microbial Community on a Carbonaceous Chondrite – Waajen et al. – Astrobiology

The Case for Technosignatures: Why They May Be Abundant, Long-lived, Highly Detectable, and Unambiguous – Wright et al. – preprint


Repeat sequences limit the effectiveness of LGT and favoured the evolution of meiotic sex in early eukaryotes – Colnaghi et al. – preprint

Nickel and the Origin and Early Evolution of Life – Fontecilla-Camps – Metallomics

Prebiotic chemistry and the origins of life: A reassessment of the Miller experiment – Lazcano – L’annuaire du Collège de France. Cours et travaux

Quantum Dots in Peroxidase-like Chemistry and Formamide-Based Hot Spring Synthesis of Nucleobases – Nejdl et al. – Astrobiology

Mathematical Biology

The Role of Self-Maintaining Resilient Reaction Networks in the Origin and Evolution of Life – Heylighen et al. – Biosystems

Planetary Science

The Contribution of M-Dwarf Flares to the Thermal Escape of Potentially Habitable Planet Atmospheres – Amaral et al. – preprint