OoL digest — February 28st edition

This week we have 2 preprints and 10 new papers on the origin of life, coming from biochemistry, bioinformatics, biology and planetary science. Enjoy!


Synthesis of Phospholipids Under Plausible Prebiotic Conditions and Analogies with Phospholipid Biochemistry for Origin of Life Studies – Fiore et al. – Astrobiology

Amino Acid Specificity of Ancestral Aminoacyl-tRNA Synthetase Prior to the Last Universal Common Ancestor Commonote commonote – Furukawa et al. – Journal of Molecular Evolution

Scaling laws in enzyme function reveal a new kind of biochemical universality – Gagler et al. – Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Reconstruction of nitrogenase predecessors suggests origin from maturase-like proteins – Garcia et al. – Genome Biology and Evolution

In vitro evolution reveals non-cationic protein-RNA interaction mediated by metal ions – Giacobelli et al. – Molecular Biology and Evolution

Micellar Composition Affects Lipid Accretion Kinetics in Molecular Dynamics Simulations – Kahana et al. – preprint

Chirality in Organic and Mineral Systems: A Review of Reactivity and Alteration Processes Relevant to Prebiotic Chemistry and Life Detection Missions – Lee et al. – Symmetry

Cyanide as a primordial reductant enables a protometabolic reductive glyoxylate pathway – Yadav et al. – Nature Chemistry


How evolution builds up complexity?: In vitro evolution approaches to witness complexification in artificial molecular replication systems – Furubayashi et al. – Biophysics and Physicobiology


Origin of eukaryotes: What can be learned from the first successfully isolated Asgard archaeon – Albers et al. – Faculty Reviews

An estimate of the deepest branches of the tree of life from ancient vertically-evolving genes – Moody et al. – eLife

Planetary Science

Orbital properties and implications for the initiation of plate tectonics and planetary habitability – Anand – preprint