OoL digest — November 22nd edition

Four new astrobiology papers: effects of flares on M-earths habitability (Bogner), false positives for biosignatures on Mars (McMahon), effects of clouds on CH$_4$-CO$_2$ detection with JWST (Mikal-Evans) and a technosignature signal from Proxima Centauri (Smith). In biochemistry, Vincent discusses the prebiotic soup ingredients, in bioinformatics Okauchi examines cell-free replication and evolution and in planetary science Villafañe-Barajas analyzes the relevance of dynamic systems in hydrothermal vent systems.


Effects of flares on the habitable zones of M dwarfs accessible to TESS planet detections – Bogner et al. – preprint

False biosignatures on Mars: anticipating ambiguity – McMahon et al. – Journal of the Geological Society

Detecting the proposed CH4-CO2 biosignature pair with the James Webb Space Telescope: TRAPPIST-1e and the effect of cloud/haze – Mikal-Evans – preprint

A radio technosignature search towards Proxima Centauri resulting in a signal-of-interest – Smith et al. – preprint


The Prebiotic Kitchen: A Guide to Composing Prebiotic Soup Recipes to Test Origins of Life Hypotheses – Vincent et al. – Life


Continuous Cell-Free Replication and Evolution of Artificial Genomic DNA in a Compartmentalized Gene Expression System – Okauchi et al. – ACS Synthetic Biology

Planetary Science

Submarine hydrothermal vent systems: the relevance of dynamic systems in chemical evolution and prebiotic chemistry experiments – Villafañe-Barajas et al. – International Journal of Astrobiology