OoL digest — September 12th edition

Quick one again this week: we have three articles, one in astrobiology and two in biology. The first one by Sarkar proposes a classification algorithm for planetary habitability from the point of view that Earth could be an anomaly. The second one, from Lindsey, is a phylotranscriptomics assessment of the volvocine algae suggesting multiple origins to cellular differenciation. Finally, we also have a preprint by Mizuuchi that examines the complexification of a RNA lineage into developing regulatory networks. Happy reading!


Postulating Exoplanetary Habitability via a Novel Anomaly Detection Method – Sarkar et al. – preprint


Phylotranscriptomics points to multiple independent origins of multicellularity and cellular differentiation in the volvocine algae – Lindsey et al. – BMC Biology

Evolutionary transition from a single RNA replicator to a multiple replicator network – Mizuuchi et al. – preprint