OoL digest — September 5th edition

Good morning everyone. We have five articles on the OoL in this week’s digest. In astrobiology, Wallner reports on an abiotic pathway for $O_2$ production that could be a major source in exoplanetary atmospheres. In biochemistry, Attal suggests a temperature-driven mechanism for protocell fission, Busseniers suggests a new model called Chemical Organization Theory to account for prebiotic network formation, Matreux analyzes ion balancing mechanisms that promote RNA folding, and Robinson examines self-organization processes through varying environmental conditions. Enjoy!


Abiotic molecular oxygen production – ionic pathway from sulphur dioxide – Wallner et al. – preprint


Thermally driven fission of protocells – Attal et al. – preprint

Goal Directedness, Chemical Organizations, and Cybernetic Mechanisms – Busseniers et al. – Entropy

Heat flows in rock cracks naturally optimize salt compositions for ribozymes – Matreux et al. – preprint

Environmental conditions drive self-organisation of reaction pathways in a prebiotic reaction network – Robinson et al. – preprint