OoL digest — August 22nd edition

Good afternoon! This week in OoL, three astrobiology preprints/papers: an addendum to the phosphine debate by Greaves, a review of biosignatures by Rimmer and a discussion of Early Earth habitability by Rivera-Valentin. In biology, we have an analysis of early life form morphologies by Kanaparthi, and a discussion on the multiple pathways to life hypothesis by Kempes. Happy reading!


Low Levels of Sulphur Dioxide Contamination of Phosphine Spectra from Venus’ Atmosphere – Greaves et al. – preprint

Starting Life and Searching for Life on Rocky Planets – Rimmer et al. – preprint

Introduction—First Billion Years: Habitability – Rivera-Valentín et al. – Astrobiology


On the nature of the earliest known life forms – Kanaparthi et al. – preprint

The Multiple Paths to Multiple Life – Kempes et al. – Journal of Molecular Evolution