OoL digest — edition 6

In today’s digest we mostly have articles in astrobiology about habitable zone theory and the spectroscopy of biosignatures, plus another one about the phosphine debate. There’s also one article in planetary sciences about biological activity in brines.


Covone, G., Ienco, R.M., Cacciapuoti, L., Inno, L., 2021. Efficiency of the oxygenic photosynthesis on Earth-like planets in the habitable zone. arXiv:2104.01425 [astro-ph]. http://arxiv.org/abs/2104.01425

Graham, R.J., 2021. High pCO$_2$ reduces sensitivity to CO$_2$ perturbations on temperate, Earth-like planets throughout most of habitable zone. arXiv:2104.01224 [astro-ph]. http://arxiv.org/abs/2104.01224

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Hasan, P., 2021. The Phosphene Controversy: Is it Phosphene? Is there life on Venus? arXiv:2104.01932 [astro-ph, physics:physics]. http://arxiv.org/abs/2104.01932

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Modirrousta-Galian, D., Maddalena, G., 2021. Of Aliens and Exoplanets: Why the search for life, probably, requires the search for water. arXiv:2104.01683 [astro-ph, physics:physics]. http://arxiv.org/abs/2104.01683

Safonova, M., Mathur, A., Basak, S., Bora, K., Agrawal, S., 2021. Quantifying the Classification of Exoplanets: in Search for the Right Habitability Metric. arXiv:2104.02991 [astro-ph, physics:physics]. van Dishoeck, E.F., Kristensen, L.E., team, the W., 2021. Water in star-forming regions (WISH): Physics and chemistry from clouds to disks as probed by Herschel spectroscopy. arXiv:2102.02225 [astro-ph]. http://arxiv.org/abs/2104.02991

Zapata Trujillo, J.C., Syme, A.-M., Rowell, K.N., Burns, B.P., Clark, E.S., Gorman, M.N., Jacob, L.S.D., Kapodistrias, P., Kedziora, D.J., Lempriere, F.A.R., Medcraft, C., O’Sullivan, J., Robertson, E.G., Soares, G.G., Steller, L., Teece, B.L., Tremblay, C.D., Sousa-Silva, C., McKemmish, L.K., 2021. Computational Infrared Spectroscopy of 958 Phosphorus-Bearing Molecules. Front. Astron. Space Sci. 8. https://doi.org/10.3389/fspas.2021.639068

Planetary sciences

Benison, K.C., O’Neill, W.K., Blain, D., Hallsworth, J.E., 2021. Water Activities of Acid Brine Lakes Approach the Limit for Life. Astrobiology. https://doi.org/10.1089/ast.2020.2334

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