The origin of life is a multifaceted question, ranging from the origin of life on Earth as we know it to the origin of all possible life in the Universe. The Universe is full of strange and extreme environments from our earthly perspective, and life there could be radically different from what we know. As a physicist, determining the conditions for all possible life is an absolutely fascinating question.
Several approaches address this question of the conditions for all possible life. However, one of them seems particularly promising to me: the analysis of information in living systems. Information transcends any physical system and seems to be able to explain phenomena that would otherwise be incomprehensible. In a recent research project, I am focusing on compiling research works based on this approach.
Bringing together approaches that are based on the concept of information will allow for the unification of a developing analytical framework that could revolutionize research on the origin of life. Working at the frontiers of science is undoubtedly one of the aspects of my work that motivates me the most!